What is the Arylic protocol for WiFi streaming

Just wondering. AirPlay is one way of streaming via WiFi.

But what protocol does Arylic use?
Or is it just Arylic proprietary?

I don’t think any special protocol is needed, the device receives the command and the url and then does its thing.

Thanks for your reply.

So there is no protocol?
But how does the 4Stream App, or Spotify recognize the Up2Stream devices?

I can only guess, simple tcp-based communication. you should use wireshark to see what is happening…

Look up Airplay in Wikipedia it has a good description of the protocol.

Get you point @zitev.
Though, I wonder if there isn’t any protocol being used. With Apple AirPlay the protocol makes the speakers identifiable and recognizeable in a network, and also to group them into multi-room for instance.

So still interested to learn more about how this works with Arylic.

I’m just guessing, but for example, control via http api can be solved practically in the simplest way…