Up2Stream Pro V3 suddenly stoped working - broken device?

Hey Guys!

I wanted to use my Up2Steam Pro V3 today, started the stereo and listened music by cabled LAN.
After some minutes, unfortunatly the device stoped playing music, and spotify couldnt connect anymore.

Here some facts:

  • Bluetooth, USB and AUX are working
  • LAN and WLAN are not working
  • The App finds the device per direct Wifi, but cant do anything. No hardreset, no source change (Just WIFI ist possibly to choose)
  • When i am in Network mode the LED is fast blinking. When i press the power button for some seconds, the LEDs is turning off
  • The Board wont connect to the LAN. is it no registering there. But the LEDs on the switch are blinking.
  • Softwareupdate over the App is also not possible.
  • I reinstalled the app, but no changes.

What do you think, did my board was suddenly spoling itself?

Is there a change to fix it?

I am looking forward to your answers. Thanks and best greetings,

I’m not sure what’s happening, but if the hotspot of the device is alive, could connect to it directly and then check the firmware version on APP. I suspect the wifi module is running on recovery mode for some reason.

Hey Frank,

thank you for your answer. The Hotspot was alive, but if i tried to connect it failed and i couldnt read the firmware.

Do you know how to switch the module in recovery mode?

Thanks and best regards, Chris

What is the SSID of the hotspot? Normally the device only enter this recovery mode when failed to boot normally. I think the WIFI module is broken.