UP2Stream Pro V3-network control issues

Hi Guys, just checking the TCP protocol for this device is correct. I have been trying to control this unit using hex codes according to the protocol document via TCP. I am able to do so to an extent but it is not functioning as it should.

If I log into the web interface via wired network and press the required functions e.g. change input play, pause, that works fine. However, if I send the hex codes with a packet sender, it changes the inputs on the web interface but not the actual device.

I have noticed if I pressed the web interface input to wireless and then use the hex commands to change it to Bluetooth input, that changes but if I send the hex codes again to change to line in, it changes the web interface but not the device to line in.

I think I have followed the data format as specified by the document. So for Bluetooth input using the \ as the escape character:

with a checksum of 2ba.

Am I missing something here?

In an ideal world, I will be using an Extron Control panel to control this system over wired network using a TCP driver. I have managed to get the same functions above working but not to switch the device itself.

Also, is there a power on ASCII string for power on? MCU+POW+OFF is for “off” which gives the 11bytes as the length but MCU+POW+ON will be 10 bytes

Any help is greatly appreciated.