Up2stream Pro V3 Line in problem

I use the line in on the Up2stream Pro V3.
Everything worked fine and after about 2 hours only 1 channel was still working.
On the left channel, music can only be heard very very softly.
I have reset Mini and Pro. The output is set to stereo (L/R) on both up2streams.
I have tested the fixed connection (4pin) and also 3.5mm jack, the same error on both plugs.
What could be the fault?

Thanks a lot for help!

Hi Linus2001,
Welcome to the forum.
So just to clarify, you have an audio source into the 3.5mm input jack and you are streaming to a mini, and both boards are showing the same LH channel problem?
Have you tried from another source and see if you have the same problem? Maybe try using the USB from a pc, AirPlay or Bluetooth and see if the Pro v3 displays the same issue.

Yes, i tried different sources and different cables on the jack input, same problem.
Left channel is missing on jack out on pro&mini
Wifi playback with app and Bluetooth works fine, stereo stream on pro and mini.


Hi Jan,
Probably can’t help you with this as it appears to be a faulty board.
I would suggest that you email customer support and inform them of the issue.