Up2Stream Pro changing source to USBDAC when streaming

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone could assist, I have an Up2Stream Pro, running firmware version 4.6.415145.35.

When I stream music from a streaming service such as spotify the music gets interrupted and the input source changes to USBDAC automatically, after a short while it goes back to WiFi (the led jumps from white to red and then back to white) and I have to hit play in the streaming app to continue. I also have an Up2Stream Mini which doesn’t show this behaviour. Most likely because it doesn’t have a USBDAC.

There is currently nothing plugged into the USB A port.

Is anyone else experiencing this and could some help addressing the issue as I basically can’t use the device for streaming.

Just replying here if anyone else experienced this. It seems like powering the Up2stream Pro with a micro USB cable was causing this. Powering it via the GND and 5+ power connectors removes the problem.

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