Up2Stream amp v4: ethernet and wifi not working

I bought a used board through ebay.
When I connect the power supply it flashes white fast, then pauses a short time, and then flashes white again permanently fast. Pressing the switch three times, or continuously while turning it on does not improve the situation. A network cable is also not recognized. However, it is possible to switch between the modes with the remote control. It is also possible to connect via Bluetooth. Is it possible to solve the problem by replacing the wifi board? If so, where can I get one?

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hi, do you have an aerial plugged into the wifi board? It sounds like it’s not connecting to the WiFi. It needs an aerial. It will work on Bluetooth without an aerial but not wifi.

yes. both aerials are connected to the boards.
How is it possible to unplug them and switch them to check them in the other port?
I dont want to break them :wink:

Edit: shouldnt the ethernet-cable connection work without a wifi-aerial?

I was able to switch the aerials. Wifi isnt working. Bluetooth is working.

Ethernet connection is the simplest method to get these working, if you don’t get a solid (non-flashing) light after about 10 seconds, I would suggest that there was an issue with the unit.

Yes, you are correct

Okay, thank you for your answer.
So I can basically only use it in a limited way and have to do without the WLAN functions. Unfortunately, that is a great pity. :man_shrugging:

You say that you bought it secondhand, was it listed as working? If it was, can’t you get a refund? Probably worth investigating.

Cheers SK