up2stream amp v3 spdif in -

If I connect spdif (optic) in to up2s ampv3 is nothing. What I make wrong?_ I connect normally as shown in manual. I connect Tv to up2s via spdif in(optical) , and silent . hmm. Maybe module is broken ?

If is possible please send me image how I can connect spdif in optical to up2stream amp v3.

I found this in the internet. But I dont know how I can do it.

Hi, for the Up2Stream AMP V3 board and the SPDIF-IN board, as the post said, you need to feed power to the SPDIF-IN board, and then connect the SPDIF and GND pin relatively for these 2 boards, it then should work.

But Im not sure. I don’t want damage my up2s amp :wink:

With this connection my spdif in and spdif out not working. I trayed as described and nothing . only silent.

Hello! Do you resolve problem?

Yes, problem solved. If you need Idę spdif out you must change “spdif in” on “spdif out” in your workbench software. Without this soft od note possibile using spdif out .

I have this one soft , but soft can’t see my board , how you connect board with software?

You must “switch on” power your board when you connected to pc and soft. Watch carefully this video: ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool Step by Step Tutorial - YouTube