Up2 stream amp4 Radio sound bad Music sound good

I bought the Up2stream amp4 V4 and the workbench too.

So far so good. I built the Up2 in a Denon Heos 7 because the repair at the dealer was almost as much expensive as the whole Denon.

There is 1 Woofer and 2 tweeters and 2 mid tones and 2 resonators in this unit. It worked all fine but the sound wasn’t that good that’s why I bought the workbench.
I adjusted the sound with music from Fourplay and Lee Rittenour(super recordings) but Bruce Springsteen too, which is difficult music to adjust, recordings are not so good.
I switched on a radio station where people were talking and it was a terrible sound very hollow and therefore difficult to understand, you will get very tired to listen to this sound. I tried all the possibilities with the workbench but not a good result if the sound from the radio is good the sound of the music is too clear not enough low tones is there somebody who can help me with this problem?

@Ton The sound of any radio stream depends on many things - a drastically processed, synthesized, compressed sound stream that cannot be compared with the sound of a normal CD-grab or high-resolution recording. You will never be able to correct the sound so that everything is equally good! I recommend that you adjust the sound for the recordings that you know the sound of and leave the sound of the radio streams, they are not authoritative.