Turn on/off multiple boards

I recently purchased multiple Up2Stream Amp v4 boards and I’m looking for an easy way to turn off all the devices at night and a simple way to turn them all on when I want to use them. I have them all in a closet in the basement. It’s inconvenient to walk down there every night. I’m ideally looking for a simple infrared method. I dont write code. So if you start to tell me to grab a raspberry PI, I’ll ask you to help me write the code required. :slight_smile:

i think the best solution is to buy a connected plug and associate it with an account (google home, home kit…) so you could easely turn on/off the system with your smartphone.

Hi Rene… Honestly, thanks for the response. This is what I did with my Monoprice whole home amp. But I’ve now burned out two of them and I’m speculating that it’s because I did what you recommended with that amp.
It feels like the abrupt power cuts may have fried something in the guts of the amp. So I was hopeful I could find something more graceful. :slight_smile:

You could use a wifi IR blaster like Broadlink and program it with the Arylic remote codes. You might have to also purchase a Artlic remote.