Trouble adding SPDIF IN add-on Board

It is even more painful if you are designing a commercial streamer amp with a not working spdif input board :upside_down_face: And this is the last bit that isnt working. I guess the new board will have an automatic switch between coax and optical, and the remote button should have the name: spdif. Plus add an extra led on the Up2stream V4 board (yellow) for the spdif input :slight_smile:

Is there any news on this topic?

Unfortunately I discovered this thread only AFTER ordering 4 off SPDIFF IN boards,
I ordered them for usage of the Coax-In ONLY.

Is there a good chance that I will receive updated boards without this non-working Coax-In, or are these boards not updated/fixed (hardwarewise) at all?

Hi, have confirmed the SPDIF input should work with the consumer standards, which is 0.5Vrms level. It should be a firmware bug, would you wish to check it out on your side with an alpha firmware? If so, please tell me the model on your hand.

Yes, I would wish to check this alpha firmware out.
The model on my hand is an “Arylic SPDIF IN Board”.

That SPDIF IN board need no firmware :slight_smile:
I mean the board you would like to connect with the SPDIF IN board

Okay, so you think my “Up2Stream Amp 2.0 V4” would be a better choice to put a modified firmware to… :wink:

@zpl1025 Hi Frank, could you please provide me the modified firmware you mentioned for the “Up2Stream Amp 2.0 V4” board for resolving the bug?

Thanks a lot in advance


I’lve updated a firmware for AMP V4 in alpha link, please use this API to redirect.
remember to replace with the IP of your deivce.

And btw, after upgraded, it will notify with update to the old version after reboot.

Thanks Frank

I will check it out a.s.a.p.

I just connected a sound source via coax on the SPDIF IN board.
Well… it’s working - without any upload of the modified alpha firmware…

Whereas the volume level is much lower compared to the other sources.

Hi Pauly,

How long is the coax cable? Did you try with toslink cable?

Hi Tot,

The coax is approx. 15 m long.
It’s working, but the volume level is lower than the other input sources.
I guess the cable length cannot affect it, since the digital signal is coming through or not.

Could you check the digital volume of the source? I don’t have any prove exactly, but some devices actually output SPDIF with -10dBFS. For arylic device, it does not apply any gain on the digital input.

I measured the coax-signal with an oscilloscope: 1.26Vpp

It’s the same value directly at the source output (Dreambox receiver) and at the end of the coax cable (approx. 15 m).

The source volume is set to it’s maximum and the Arylic 2.0 V4 needs to be set to 80 to 90% volume level, to get a ‘normal’ sound volume out of the speakers.

Do you think I should give it a try by updating with your mentioned alpha firmware?

e… the voltage level of coax signal has no relation with the volume, it’s just used to carry the digital signals. I mean the max digital volume of your device might be set to -10dBFS. I’m sure that the AMP V4 keeps 0dB gain on the SPDIF input. And for this issue, you could apply +10dB gain on SPDIF input with the ACP tool, so the volume would be normalized with others.

Btw, what’s the device model, could check its spec to confirm.

This advice did it!

Thanks a lot

hi i need help adding the spdif in board to my up2stream mini v3
i already changed spdif output to an input and confirmed that i have an in board not an out board. i can see the optical input and i am using optical not coax but the sound coming out of it is very scratchy and it cuts out at low volume. i know that the optical output works because i have an amp with an optical input and it works on that i also know that the speaker works because i tested that with spotify through the board.

Hi, the sound cuts in low volume is a known issue, and would be fixed in next firmware upgrade. You could test with higher volume input first. And if you’ve encountered with noise, please check this topic and see if it’s helping.

I have the same setup and same problem as AJ - mini V3 + optical = scratchy audio. Is the new firmware released yet? In my opinion Arylic should be listing the following disclaimers on the product page:

  • “Usage of the SPDIF-IN board requires a $20 license for ACP WorkBench software., which is required to enable SPDIF-IN functionality”
  • “There is currently a bug with Up2Stream Mini V3 + SPDIF-IN board that causes scratchy audio. This is expected to be fixed with a firmware update.”

This way people understand what they are getting themselves into and can avoid all the frustration of having to spend $20 to unlock the feature and then being disappointed that the audio is scratchy and the system unusable for the intended purpose.

Furthermore, if there’s a known issue with the I2S cables introducing interference, why do you not develop a shielded version and provide that with the SPDIF boards so as to avoid this poor customer experience?

There is one fix that I found. If I hold the optical cable in just the right way it works better but I can guarantee that it’s not the cables fault because I have a soundbar that has an optical input. My plan was to put the optical input on the mini v3 and run an aux cable to the soundbar so I could play music from the mini v3 and the tv and also have the tv play in other rooms from the v3( there is like a 1-3 second delay from the optical in to the other speakers so it won’t match with the stuff on screen exactly but that’s not muck of a problem. What really confuses me is that it works when I hold it in a certain position because there are no electrical connections I think( i dont know about this stuff well I’m 15) I’m pretty sure it’s just light. Also I tested the optical cable On the soundbar and no problems whatsoever so pretty annoying that it doesn’t work. Also I must say that arylic gave me the software for free for writing a 500 word review because I complained that I needed to spend more than I spent on the board on a software just to use the board (I wrote 900 something anyways) honestly they should just put the spdif setting in the settings page. Anyways hope the update comes out soon so I can get this working. Hope this helps!!