Sych play not working

Synchronization play between two S10s of digital audio from TV not working

I have two S10 devices connected to the same wifi. At first I had the TV connected using the audio 3.5mm jack. Syncing between the two devices worked but there was a delay between audio and video. I decided to switch to the digital audio and bought a digital to analog converter. Hooked it up and the video and audio are in sync and playing through the connected S10. But when I go to play through multiple S10 devices the app says there is a connection but no audio plays through the second S10 devices only the original one. Not sure what is happening. Any ideas would be helpful.

Have you had the two playing as a group previously or is this your first attempt?

I have had it work before the only change is the digital to analog converter. I will take it out and see if there is a difference. But don’t understand why a digital to analog converter would cause this.