Stream record player to 2.1 amp

So what would be the best way to go about this? Would the s50 pro+ do this? Can I rca line in to the s50+ from my record player or would I need a preamplifier for a gain stage to boost record player levels before inputting to s50+ and syncing with my 2.1 amp?

@Jzad Jason,

I would think that it will depend on Signal Output Level From your “Record Player” to establish whether or not you need a “Phono PreAmp” in the scenario.

I am happy to look at the specification if you post a Make & Model Number for the “Record Player”.

Regards, Kevin

P.S. From your previous posts and profile you might want to look at Behringer who have a very good range of budget Phono Preamps :musical_score: I would have to check the signal levels but I imagine a microphone could be a similar signal level to a record player. However this is only a wild guess; I have been very wrong before :joy:

I think I will need to pick up a phono preamp. I run a AR-XA and that’s about as basic as you can get. I read the output of the cartridge is about 4 millivolt which I believe is -45 dbu if I did my calculation right. Shure sm 58’s i the output -58 dbu so pretty close to mic level. didn’t know if the s50+ had any kind of gain stage for the rca input, since they call it a preamplifier. I was also wondering if this is the best arylic device for this scenario.