Spotify functions ' grey-out' when conencted to Up2Stream ?

When I play music through Spotify (on my iPhone), I like to use the Spotify equalizer.
Recently I noticed that the equalizer is not available. It normally is accessible through ‘Play’ ('Afspelen in Dutch).

So I checked some things and found out:

  • Some of the items in the list under Settings ‘grey-out’ when Spotify is connected to an Up2Stream device (in my case S10’s or Up2Stream Mini’s). Also see the picture, the last 4 items are geryed-out: Play, Explicit content, Social, Audio quality.
  • When I disconnect from the Up2Stream S10/Mini and play on my iPhone, they are all available again.
  • Also I found out that when connected to an Up2Stream product; when a playlist ends, Spotify does not use it’s function to play suggested songs after that any more. (Based on their logarithm that checks your music playing behavior)


  1. Has it always been like this, or did this change with the latest firmware?
  2. Is there work around to use the Spotify equalizer when connected to an Up2Stream product?

Example of greyed-out items in Spotify settings: