Size of connector on 2.1 amp

I just got the Arylic 2.1 amp. looks very good so far.

Anyone know what dimension the 2 pin DC connector is or has a link to the connecting part?

Best regards. JZ

Hi Joakim,

Do you mean this connector?

If yes, search for ‘JST VH2P BU’ (3.96mm). Took me also a while to figure this out. I have no idea why Arylic does not put this information (for all connectors) into the user manual :roll_eyes:. After all, the amp is intended for DIY, so each maker will run into the same problem.

Best regards,

It is noted as VH3.96-2P in the instruction manual

Hi Steve,
You’re right, they put this information in the latest version of the (English) manual. In the older version that came with my board and also in the current German version, it just says ‘PH2.0-2P’. Thanks for the hint.
Regards, Sven

thanx guys. very helpful. :slight_smile: