power on signal for external amplifier.

I need a logic signal indicating the power on status of the Arylic module. I have read that a GPIO can be programmed to indicate if there is sound or not, I have tested it and it work’s, the problem if you use the remote control to power off the module it stills takes a minute before the GPIO is activated and in this period the analog output is put in some hi-z mode which gives audio noise because the input of the power amplifier is unterminated. So a signal which includes both the no signal and the remote on/off will be highly welcomed. I have also read somewhere that there is a serial interface for communicating with the module but I have not succeeded in finding any documentation for this feature.

If turn off this GPIO before actually power off, will solve your problem?

Yes, if the gpio is set to 0 when power is turned off by the remote control the problem is solved.