No Ethernet connection when booted with USB connection

I recently got an A50+ for use in my office -

The plan is simply for the USB DAC to be used by my PC, and the Ethernet connection for all the Arylic magic with the other zones.

The main problem presents when power cycling the A50+

If, after a reboot and the Ethernet connection is established, I then plug in the USB DAC to my PC :: all works fine and well.


If while the USB DAC is still connected to my PC, and I simply power cycle the A50+, using even the power button on the remote, it seems to boot back up with no Ethernet connection, and instead wants to enter WiFi setup mode.

Has anyone else experienced this issue / confirm this behavior?

@mclarkdev Matt,

Welcome to the Forum. There are many helpful and friendly enthusiasts on the Forum.

It does seem to me like a bug or an overlook @zpl1025 what do you think ?

I do have an S50+ so I could “test reproduce”, however I need to understand the need to connect your PC physically to the A50+ for Audio Out.

So a few questions that could help me understand:-

  • What Sources are you listening too, music services etc. ?
  • Why output to Arylic A50+ on USB Port from PC ?
  • Are you just trying redirect PC Audio Card output to A50+ ?

Kind Regards, Kevin

Thanks for confirming, I can work around it for now.

My office is a mess or I would take a picture!

  • AudioSources
    – Various
    – A50+ being used as an amp for PC speakers: Spotify, Plex, Netflix, Youtube, Etc.

  • Why use USB
    – My Windows machine is actually a VM, with direct access to a graphics card. I have my reasons :slight_smile: Unfortunately, this does not allow me to make proper use of the SPDIF output on the motherboard of the machine. Thus I chose to use the USB DAC embedded in the A50+

It also seems like I am unable to select the USB-DAC from the HTTP API, however pressing USB on the remote works as expected.

Hi Matt,

I think I kind of “get it” it but I still haven’t got my head around your application :joy: It takes me a while for this as I am old and a bit slow :slight_smile:

You are obviously not a lucky person Arylic Audio HTTP API

It seems to seems to me that USBDAC is the only source not available in HTTPAPI :cry:

We will need Arylic main man @zpl1025 to explain that one :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

Hi Matt, the HTTPAPI for USB-DAC is setPlayerCmd:switchmode:PCUSB, I did not update the document yet.

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Awesome thanks, that works exactly as I need! :+1:
Now just the Ethernet bug :slight_smile: