MV Bass settings not stored

I have set some settings with ACP to my V3 board.
Filter settings are stored perfectly. Only the MV Bass settings are suddenly not stored anymore, What could be the problem?

Don’t know why they decided to do it this way, but it is the intended way.
only workaround at the moment is to save it again every time you make a reset, or you could use the remote-control to activate it.
might be a solution via API aswell but i don’t know either. However there was another post about this topic a couple of weeks ago, maybe you will find a solution there.

Thanks for your reply!
Strange that they changed it, in the past it was stored.
Anyway, I will use the bass button (diddn’t know that this button is triggering the MV Bass. So I learned something again :slightly_smiling_face:

Eh, it is a bug in software. This VB config is controlled by the system settings, which you could switch on off with remote control. And for the DSP settnigs, it is saved standalone, so it won’t be erased when do factory reset on APP. So, I did not consider this point, and when user adjusted on ACP, it should respect this change and sync the system settings. Will fix this in firmware.

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Ok, Thanks!