How many songs?

When playing music from e.g. a NAS, how many songs can be loaded into the playing software to be used in random playback?
I have the impression the number is rather limited???


Unfortunately that is the “nature of the beast” for DLNA Music Servers and Clients. When PULLING content on your Arylic APP from the NAS there will always be a max number often (100/200 files) because it doesn’t make sense to index 50, 000 files then play them randomly. It’s all about avoiding large amounts of communications traffic affecting your network performance.

However there is light and the end of the tunnel :slight_smile: If I was designing the software I would make a solution on the server side of things (e.g. NAS Drive). Make a playlist of 100/200 tracks then have a routine to populate this playlist randomly.

I have Synology NAS Drives and the Audio Station App/Web Browser creates a folder called 100 Random

When you click the folder the playlist is repopulated with 100 different random tracks.

Maybe you don’ have a Synology NAS but I would definitely look for a Solution on the NAS / Music Server side of things. I can push this content to any Arylic Device.

Hope this helps.


Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the suggestions
I’ll have a look inside my Synology to find out…

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