GPIO Amp Remote problem

After latest update on mini&pro boards, GPIO pin as AM…TE signal is always high, no switching functions possible with remote. (always on)

This is bug or I am missing something?
Is there solution for this?

Hey did you find a solution for this issue? I have the same problem

I’ll check it

Yes, but you probably won’t like the solution…
I abandoned Arylic and used another brand.
And problem solved.

It is another topic but if this products are for fun, than it is OK.
But if you depend on them to have something that work and
have proper support, than you might have a problem.

Look how many months have passed to have any response on my question…

And if you have audio company like me and use this products for
end users, than you will have a BIG problem.

To be more interesting, I had working products that was delivered.
But one (forced) update and many functions are gone or changed…

I hope that it will be solved in the future