Expansion Dac static and noise

I just hooked up my v3pro with the expansion dac board and get distortion and noise. I can correct it by holding the cable that goes between the 2 boards.

Anyone seen anything like this?

@Napalmcsr Craig,

I have had 2 DAC extension boards and no problem with either.

It seems to me that by grabbing the cable you are providing an earth for the noise. Have a look at this post

I read that one before I posted,
I have tried:

Using the line out.
A different power supply
A different amplifier
A different set of cables
A different up2stream using the dac

All of them have static.

I then tested the different up2stream line out. It is perfect.

Statistically, I am wondering if I hit the jackpot and got a bad dac and up2stream.

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@Napalmcsr Craig,

The only thing left I can think of is:

What happens in a different physical location (if possible) :roll_eyes:

However Arylic are very proactive and responsive. I am sure they will help you establish if you have faulty hardware :slight_smile:

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No luck in another room on another app… I will wait to see what aryilic says.
Thanks for the help!

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Try to disconnect the SPDIF cable, be sure no power cable is crossing over or under the cable.
It can all conflict with I2S.
For the SPDIF cable: Simply lift up the lip of the connector with a knife or smal flat screwdriver and pull out the cable.
No need to cut the wire. :wink:

The same thing happened with my pro v3 and dac board, the distortion was horrible, I had to fix it by shielding the entire cable end to end with aluminum tape. With the shielded cable it sounds incredibly clean.

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Yeah, Arylic had me do that. Fixed it!

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