EQ-/sound settings will be ignored if U2Smini boards are grouped.

Happy Halloween everybody. :ghost:

What must I do, to get working EQ settings when I connect two or more boards to a group in 4Stream app?

Even the basic treble and bass adjustments in the 4Stream app doesn’t work in group mode.

Firmware is 4.6.328252.29 on all my 7 affected mini v3 boards. I already did several resets and saved the ACP settings multiple times, but the behavior remains exactly the same.

The DSP settings is supposed to be remained grouping mode. Do you still have this issue?

Yes… Still the same issue.

9 months later… :confused:

Who can fix this bug and how much I have to pay for this?

Please, I need a working multi room audio system. :cry:

Would be great if this issue will be solved. I am just before starting a bigger community project with the Up2Stream modules, but it seems that there are still some issues be unsolved since a long time without any reaction from Acrylic…not very confidence inspiring at the moment.

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Hi Falko, sorry I missed this topic, and maybe you could message me to remind.
Regarding the issue, you set up a group with multiple devices, and then you adjust the Treble or Bass on master device, and you want all the slave devices to have the same settings?

Hello :smiley:

No, I apply my DSP settings in the ACP software and download/save it to one of my miniV3 boards.
Everything works fine and even after cold reboot my DSP settings are still active.

But when I group 2 or more miniV3 boards together, the DSP settings will be deactivated. I can hear it easily, because I set die pregain of the equalizer to -11dB.

When I ungroup the boards, the DSP settings are re-engaging.

Its like the DSP settings are getting bypassed as long the multi room audio is active.

understood, I’ll check it. Btw, what’s the firmware version of your device?

For now I’m on the recent official firmware 4.6.415145.36.

I also tried the new beta firmware and several resets… with no success.

I hope it’s not a hardware limitation. :neutral_face:

Thank you for the research and good luck. :innocent::+1:t3:

Just checked with the released firmware, but I can’t reproduce this problem. I’m sure the DSP settings is activing while act as multiroom either master or slave. I activated a low pass filter to easily determing the effects.

Hmmm… are you using the same MiniV3 batch? (2020-8-18)

Strange :thinking:

Maybe all of my 7 minis got broken multi room audio.
They are currently being returned. So there is a last hope, that my new MiniV4 boards (directly from China) will do flawless multiroom audio.

The downside is, I have to wait several weeks till they arrive and I can’t test any further because my lack of Arylic boards. :person_shrugging:t3:

OK. I tested with MINI V3 (2020-3-16). And the issue you described looks like firmware fault and should not relate with hardware. But I can’t reproduce it in office, it’s hard to check. So when you received the new boards, you could set up the system and see if still have this issue.