Can I limit the volume of Up2Stream Pro V3

Hi all,
I want to use my Up2stream Pro V3 in my airbnb house. But it has got neighbours and I want to limit the volume so the guest cannot exceed a certain volume.
Can I do this?? If so how??
Thank you all in advance!


Welcome to the forum. It’s a very friendly place.

I am not aware of function that limits Volume on the Arylic Products using the APP / Software etc.

I also have a holiday rental equipped with an Arylic PRO V3. In our situation there is not much I can do inside the house as the main preamp is not the PRO (the PRO in this configuration is just a streamer really)

However the Swimming Pool area is a different case. We took 2 precautions with older equipment (pre Arylic).

  1. Fix the Power Amplifier to a max acceptable volume level when Preamp (e.g. Arylic PRO) is 100%
  2. Remote Relay to disactivate Pool Music after XX.XX PM and in case of disturbance shut it down (remotely).

However while this has worked to some extent; if people want to Party and make noise they will find a way :thinking: So maybe make it hard for them to make a lot of noise at night but you will still get complaints from neighbours :joy:

Hope this helps, Kevin