i noticed that the app layout is exactly the same as the multiroom black boxes wr320 I bought a while ago from “august int”.

is it compatible between these two tradenames?

if so, i can expand with arylic.

We can’t guarantee as we did not test it, you need to check it yourself.

is it the “4stream” app to be used?

well: I downloaded “4stream” and I can adress my august int. units.

so I can buy arylic units to expand my multiroom system without having to throw away good working units.

Continuing the discussion from august:
Please check if you can connect the august box to the arylic device in synchro mode and let me know. Thanks!

hi, i have both devices, an arylic amplifier and an august speaker set.
The 4stream program works perfectly with both devices but fails to make them work in multiroom

Unfortunately it is not possible to link them anymore. It was possible before the last firmware update.
It was working between August, AudioCast and Audio Pro devices.

My two August wifi speakers also cannot connect in multicast after the recent updates for the arylic module.
I wrote to August tech support and they replied that they do not provide firmware updates for their speakers. Maybe if more people wrote a message to them, there would be a chance that they would create a new firmware

Can i change the firmware with an old version (downgrade ) ?

wath is the correct email to write ?

I wrote to several addresses:,

Arylic replies:
I am sorry that it is not available back to the previous firmware.

I don’t understand why it is not possible to downgrade the firmware

I wrote to august as well.
What bothers me is that the cheapest AudioCast M5 did the Firmware update :wink:
I hope we will be able to pair them again, I own 3 wr320 !

I have 3 WS300. I think they don’t release any new firmware.
Did you get any answer from them?