AMP for in ceiling speakers

I’m new to this forum.
I’m interested in setting up 3 rooms with up2stream streaming.
My concern is that I want to use Polk Audio in ceiling speakers (2 per room) 8 ohm and 100W each.
All boards with amplifiers seem to be little underpowered for these speakers.
Does anyone have any solution to get more power or alternate amp board to use with up2stream pre-amp?

Thank you.

@Jerry017 it all depends what you are trying to achieve. From my point of view ceiling speakers lack floor bass purely for physical location reasons.e.g. How do you establish floor bass when the units are in the ceiling 2.5m above !!

I consider ceiling speakers as a solution for background music. However The harder you drive them the more you will notice the bass is absent.

So coming back to your question I would examine what sound you are trying to achieve in each of the rooms ? If it’s more background, ambience, clutter free then why not put the polka in. A 24vdc power supply with the acrylic amp would be more than adequate. Maybe try one and buy one.

If you do want to drive at 100W then maybe see if ceiling speakers would provide the sound you are looking for. Some well positioned sub woofers might help in that scenario.

It’s obviously difficult to offer strong advice in these circumstances as people have different houses, ears, music tastes, preferences for treble, bass etc. Etc. My gut tells me that I wouldn’t throw a lot of power at ceiling speakers without having something that could provide floor bass.

Btw I am certainly not an expert :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps, Kevin