A couple of questions before buying

Hi folks,

I would like to install a couple of wall speakers in my bathroom and would therefore install the “Up2Stream AMP V4” permanently behind a drywall.

I would have liked to know how far I can remotely control the AMP via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Can I turn it on and off?
If not, can I, for example
switch the power supply via an external wall switch or do I allways have to use the power button on the circuit board?

Can I switch back and forth between Bluetooth and WiFi with the app or do I absolutely need the IR remote control?

If so, how can the IR receiver of the “IR Extension Board” be properly attached.
Is there a wall bracket there?

I found a video on YouTube in which the frequency responses at the loudspeaker outputs were changed using PC software.
Do I really need the PC software for this or can I do it with the Android app?

I would like to thank you in advance for the many answers and assistance.


hi Baujahr, i can see you will have a great sound system in your bathroom in future .Here 's my further comment .

How far you could control .
Once our unit connected to your home network and your phone also connected ,you can control anywhere at your home for wifi .
For bluetooth ,you still within bluetooth range ,around 15 meters .

Power On and off.
All amp have power auto-saving technology ,once no music playback in around 10 mins ,it will shut down the power and just keep wifi on ,so you don’t need to shut it off. In that way ,you can have music back right away when you play it .
If you still want power off it ,you may wire the amp with some power switch and do the work by that .

Switch wifi and bluetooth or other resources.
you can use app to do it or remote controller.
For IR extension ,there will be a 3m stick on the IR sensor you can stick to the wall or somewhere else .

For sound tuning ,some users will choose ACPBENCHWORK, there is much more setting there.
you can also do it by the app ,which has EQ setting as well.

Hi and many thanks for your answers.

How can I wire the power-switch.
I thought about something like a wall-switch to cut off the power for the AC-power supply.

But does the board remember the status of the power-switch after reconnecting AC-power?

You have 2 choices. You could use a standard wall switch to remove AC power or you could isolate on the DC side of things. I would make sure you have maintenance/repair access to both the 12/24 VDC Transformer and the Arylic Board.

Yes when you isolate the amp and then power up it will boot up.

Hope this helps, Kevin


I think it would be enough to get access through the speaker-hole…